septiembre 22, 2023

Comprehensive Reparation for Victims of Traffic Accidents

It is important to take into account the deadline to claim compensation for a traffic accident.

There can be 2 types of traffic accident with an injured victim:

Accident without third party intervention.

Accident caused by third parties.

1. Accident without the intervention of third parties

If the person(s) is(are) alone in a motor vehicle and, for some reason, is injured without another motor vehicle (a third party) involved, they are entitled to compensation through the SOAT , since this insurance covers all the risks that arise in driving a motor vehicle.

This person(s) is/are entitled to compensation of up to 800 SMLDV in expenses for the care of injuries (medical care, surgical expenses, hospitalization, etc.)

In case of death, the direct relatives of the victim may claim compensation of 750 SMLDV. In this case, the relatives have a maximum time of 2 years to claim said compensation.

On the other hand, there is an amount of 10 SMLDV earmarked for travel expenses (ambulance or other) from the accident site to the hospital for the care of the victim of the road accident.

Finally we find the compensation for permanent disability that corresponds to a maximum amount of 180 SMLDV. For this it is important to demonstrate the loss of work capacity.

2. Accident caused by a third party

When an accident occurs involving 2 or more motor vehicles, the injured persons are entitled to 2 compensations.

The first compensation in this type of accident is SOAT, taking into account the aspects explained in the first type of accident. The second compensation is the claim to the third party that caused the accident, through a comprehensive repair.

To initiate a comprehensive reparation, certain elements of responsibility must be taken into account, such as the culpable act of the third party and the existence of damage or harm.

If after watching the video you require more information, advice or help to present your case, you can contact us to provide you with the corresponding legal advice.

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